Judge orders Future to take a DNA test for one his alleged children he’s been trying to dodge. 

Eliza Reign, one of Future’s alleged 7 baby mothers, has been chasing Future and trying to get him to take a DNA test since last year.

Future had been dodging her for almost a year.

Last Year Eliza Reign teamed up with another one of Future’s alleged baby mothers, Cindy, whom Future is also dodging to try and take him down and get him to take care of his child. 

They both filed cases against him.

Eliza and Cindy became such good friends that they were both on each other’s IGs comparing how similar the children look,

Reign eventually managed to serve him court documents this year through one of his lawyers, and Future was forced to go to court these past few months.

According to court documents obtained by Bossip, in a hearing on Tuesday Future was ordered to take a DNA test to prove he’s the child’s father,

The judge also ordered Future to release his income information in preparation child support within the next 10 days or he’ll face possible sanctions.

Future had once told the baby mother to start a GoFundMe to take care of the child instead of asking him for money. 

Reign told the court that she believes Future makes 19 million a year but hasn’t paid a “penny” to support his child.

Updated: February 27, 2020 — 2:41 pm

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