The judge who presided over the Botham Jean murder trial was caught on video mumbling under her breath about Joshua Brown, when he asked to excuse himself during testimony.

Joshua Brown, who lives across the hall from Botham Jean was recently shot in the mouth and left for dead in his parking lot.

People have called the case extremely suspicious, especially because of the actions of the judge and the courtroom staff.

The Bailiff brushed and fixed Guyger’s hair during the trial, the Judge hugged, embraced Guyger, gave her encouraging words, and gave her her own Bible while consoling her.

People brought also brought up the fact that the judge told the jury they may consider “Castle Law” to determine if Guyger was in her right to shoot and kill Jean.

A video going viral on social media shows the Judge’s facial expression during his testimony, and words she mumbled to herself as he asked to take a moment to himself, here’s the video:

People who commented on the video said what she mumbled (“I’m surprised he came”) wasn’t only extremely unprofessional, but was very strange, especially with all the behaviors of the staff during and after court.

According to a lot of those watched the trial, everything down to the 10 years given in Guyger, and “Castle Law” allowed to be considered during deliberation should be investigated.

Updated: February 4, 2020 — 9:57 am

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