Carers for an Austic woman were allowed to pimp her body out to strangers for sex by a judge.

The Autistic woman was being looked after a Manchester City Council employed firm called Engage Support. They had her engage in sex with random strangers so that she could “learn her lesson.” Her mental condition makes her seek out sex Risky Sex. with strangers, they claim they did it so that she’d learn her lesson and not want to do it anymore.

The 23 year old who has learning difficulties went through a 2 month trial of being pimped out to random men which was approved by a court order. In the court documemts obtained by The New York Times, the reason stated that the court order was granted so that the autistic woman could “Learn from her mistakes (of trying to have risky sex with men)”.

The woman’s family condemned the scheme and accused the court of allowing Her family condemned the scheme, an ‘experiment’ that resulted in the ‘pimping out of a highly vulnerable young woman’.

One year ago, in 2017, the woman started to make risky attempts to have sex with men. In 2015 the court ruled that she was was able to give consent to men, but “wasn’t allowed to make decisions on her contact with men”. This year, 2018, The Manchester City Council employed firm, Engage Support, threatened to terminate its contract with the patient if she wasn’t given more freedom to have sex. The Judge gave a court order giving them permission to allow men to come in and have sex with her. Engage Support were given permission to allow the woman “to have sexual relations with others during daytime hours [10am to 4pm]’.”

She slept with 6 men over the next few weeks.

In August, Engage Support put a stop to the visits claiming “out of concerns for the woman’s sexual behavior and the welfware of its staff”.

The woman is now under new care, and the case has now gone to the high courts.


Updated: June 20, 2019 — 6:00 pm

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