The internet seems to be on two very opposite sides when it comes to the Michael Jackson Allegations brought back to light on the HBO Series, “Leaving Neverland”.

John Legend is currently under fire for his views on the HBO documentary in an interview with Power 106:

He’s at the same time undergoing praise for his views on the documentary, as people are thanking him for believing the accusers. Here’s the video, where John Legend says he now believes the 2 accusers after watching “Leaving Neverland”:

Corey Feldman, who people once thought of as a victim of Michael Jackson, came forward (as well as multiple times in the past) to say that Michael Jackson never did those things that people think he’s capable of doing to him. He defended Michael saying,

People on both sides shared their defenses on both sides. One side defending Michael Jackson posting things like:

Other fans argued that MJ’s way of expressing himself was through letters and notes, and would leave little notes to everyone, referencing things like this which Al Yankovic posted back in 2016,

And others who believe the accusers made posts like these:

There are also a lot of people who are on the fence about what to believe, some saying there isn’t enough evidence against Michael Jackson, and he’s not here to defend himself, while others are saying people have been trying to ruin Michael Jackson for a long time, but with the evidence they still don’t know what to believe.

Updated: February 4, 2020 — 10:42 am

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