Joe Budden for some reason isn’t getting heat for going on rant and talking about Terry Crews’ past, saying that he knows Terry Crews wanted to get touched.

On his Podcast, Joe Budden gave reasons as to why he believes Terry Crews’ allegations were consensual, and no one is defending Terry.

Normally Budden would be under fire for saying these things, and he would be called out on Twitter and other social networks, but for some reason people are letting Joe Budden slide.

He stated that he believes that Terry Crews liked having his penis grabbed by a white man.

Joe says that Terry Crews was known for doing some strange things for a job role,  “why else would that man feel comfortable grabbing his penis in front of his wife?.” He says he also knows some secrets about Terry that he won’t voice.

Joe also said besides being in front of his wife, no white man would be comfortable doing that unless he had done it before in another setting that made him comfortable, especially to a huge black man without thinking there wouldn’t be repercussions.

He mentions how Gabby was fired by the network, only for Terry to assist the network in gaslighting her.

He says it’s well known that Terry Crews has been shucking and jiving forever for “Massa”, and says that men like Terry are the reason that Black women don’t feel supported.

Mal stated that Terry’s wife, Rebecca, might be his beard/mustache.

Joe continued to say that Terry didn’t need to speak on the matter if he wasn’t in support of Gabby.

Here’s the video time-stamped:

Updated: February 4, 2020 — 9:29 am

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