Danity Kane, a girl group, had an interview with the Cosmopolitan where they revealed sexist, racist, and colorist sides of their management.

Danity Kane was a girlgroup originally formed on Diddy’s MTV reality show Making the Band 3 in 2005. They have now reunited as three, Aubrey O’Day, Dawn Richard, and Shannon Bex.

During the interview with Cosmopolitan, Dawn Richard and Shannon Bex brought up situations where Jimmy Iovine called members of Dirty Money out of their names, insulted them and their skin color.  Dirty Money was a girl duo that Diddy also created, which consisted of Dawn Richards (who’s apart of Danity Kane and apart of this interview) and Kalenna Harper.

Here’s an except from the Cosmopolitan interview,


Dawn Richard: That’s what they’re told, and it’s insane because you get it from every gambit. Jimmy Iovine told Kalenna [editor’s note: Kalenna Harper was a member of Dirty Money with Richard; the duo performed with Diddy as Diddy-Dirty Money] and I are to our face, he looked at Puff and said, “Why don’t you have two light skinned girls?” In front of a boardroom of fifty people.

Bex: They treat you like you’re just something, not someone.

Richard: He said, “These girls are too ugly. I don’t get it. What are you trying to do with this?” I remember feeling exactly how Aubrey felt. You know you’re more than this and you’re sitting there and you’re being told as a grown woman you’re ugly.

Bex: Not even told to you, but told in front of you to other people talking about you.

Richard: And the worst part was my boss then said when we left, “I need y’all to go put on a mini-skirt and we’re gonna straighten your hair” and they brought us back in the room. And he still didn’t get it. No one fought for us, ever. We’ve only had to fight for ourselves. There was no one who was willing to say, “We have your back.”


James (Jimmy) Iovine is an American record producer best known as the co-founder of Interscope Records.

The girls mentioned that no one defended them at all, not even Diddy spoke out against what Iovine said publicly.

A lot of Black women are currently angry at Sean Combs.

Cosmopolitan reached out to Kalenna Harper, she said that Diddy came to her personally and told her not to change anything about her. People are still extremely angry that Diddy didn’t stand up for the darker skinned women, and didn’t defend Dawn Richard. And they’re also mad that Sean Combs and Iovine remain extremely good friends, and was together with him on Comb’s 49th birthday.

Updated: June 20, 2019 — 5:55 pm

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