Chess not Checkers. Jay Z and the NFL’s new foundation donated $200,000 to a program that believes that All Lives Matter, Police being vilified is a reason for Black deaths in the community, have the founder cut black men’s dreads for a “Fresh start” at life, and says Trump is needed.

Jay Z’s Roc Nation and the NFL created a new social justice platform called “Inspire Change”, and have announced they’ll be selling clothing through the platform under the brand name “Inspire Change”.

Meek Mill, Meghan Trainor, and Rapsody were named as the Inspire Change advocates. The artists will be designing “Inspire Change” apparel, and the proceeds from the apparel they sell will reportedly be donated to “Inspire Change” programs across the country.

Jay Z and the NFL recently made their first donation of $200,000 through “Inspire change” to “Crusher’s Club”, a club that has been reported to be problematic and promote ideals usually against the black community’s wishes.

A lot of their posts include “All Lives Matter”, cutting off black men’s dreads for a fresh start, and promotion that one of the main reasons police brutality is a thing, is because cops are vilified in the community.

Here are some of their posts:


Here are the founders:

Earlier this year Jay Z held a panel with Bob Kraft, Van Jones, and a few others. The topic of police brutality came up, and Jay Z spoke on how single-parent homes are the reason a lot of police brutality exists. People are saying Jay Z is pandering a lot to those who he feels are above him, and that he also wants to fit in and be seen as one of them.

Here are the videos:

Updated: September 5, 2019 — 9:35 pm

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