Jason Lee is currently under fire for some vile things he said about Ariana Grande.

Jason Lee is the CEO of “Hollywood Unlocked”, a famous website for entertainment news.

Jason Lee is someone no one likes, as his websites starts rumors and lies about Celebrities. Even Beyonce tried to avoid him at the Grammys Rock Nation Brunch,


Jason Lee also said a number of things about Beyoncé, like “If Beyoncé doesn’t show up at Coachella I will burn her house down”.

He took to his show today and started describing Ariana Grande, saying that she looks like an “R Kelly Snack”, and continued to say other disgusting things about her like

“She looks like an underage piece of meat ready to be pissed on by Robert.”

Here’s the video,

Here’s another video in case the above gets deleted, as some people are saying he’s taking down the videos and what he said via copyright, so no one focuses on this/spreads this.

Updated: February 13, 2019 — 9:52 pm

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