A Japanese model cleaned out her millionaire husband then divorced him. Said she told him before marriage that she has no interest in poor men. 

Kato Sari announced her divorce on YouTube and other social media according to Line Today

The relationship with the man started last year in May 2019, and they got married in September 2019.

The 36 year old man, a real estate company manager, reportedly bought her a 3 million yen ($27,300) engagement ring from Harry Winston. Kato reportedly spent 100 million yen ($910,100) of the man’s money.

Kato reportedly kept buying expensive luxury cars, designer bags, clothes among other luxurious things.

After the wedding the man begged Kato to stop her relentless spending, stating that his company was facing financial problems.

The model expressed frustration and said she didn’t understand why he allowed her to spend all that money before marriage, but didn’t after getting married.

She stated:

“Then what’s the point of marrying him? He just cheated me to sign the papers.”

The two separated after one week of being married, the divorce was finalized on January 10 2020.

Before the divorce, she reportedly told him that she was not interested in poor men.

Before the marriage and relationship, Kato expressed that money buys happiness, and when the marriage happened she told people she got married for money.

When fans accused her of being materialistic, she stated that it was a fair exchange because women have to endure things like pregnancy childbirth, cooking, cleaning, raising the children and much more, while all men do is earn money for the family. 

She posted she celebrated her divorce in her latest IG post:

Updated: February 4, 2020 — 9:36 am

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