Jade is exposing Offset for allegedly cheating on Cardi B by dming her.

Offset has been caught multiple times cheating on Cardi B in the past.

The 4th time he cheated on Cardi was around December last year with one of Cuban Doll’s friends, she exposed him because her and Cardi B were beefing.

Cuban recorded her friend facetiming with Offset:

Cardi B announced that she broke up with him at the time, and Offset posted this famous line of his afterward:

She ended up getting back together with him.

The 5th time he allegedly cheated was when he allegedly flew the two strippers out and the strippers claimed he had sex with them (Jade was one of the strippers.)

Cardi went to the club where the strippers worked and allegedly started a fight with them. She was taken to court the altercation.

Offset made it up to Cardi B multiple times, promising it would never happen again.

Jade has now exposed him for cheating, which would be the 6th time he cheated, Offset dmed her that he recently dmed her saying he missed her.


In the past, after hearing multiple rumors about Offset cheating, Cardi B said in an interviewed that it weighed heavily on her mental health. She told W Magazine:

“Every single day there’s rumors about me and my dude,And it almost drives me crazy, because I start to believe them. I don’t have no proof. I don’t have receipts. But I just got to know my man. We practically on the phone 24 hours a day. If I can’t find him, I’m going to find his friend. Somebody going to answer the phone. But I cannot be feeling insecure, to a point that I would drive my dude away, because these people want that to happen.”

After the 1st – 2nd time Offset cheated on Cardi B she told her fans she would stay with him because it was better to stay with someone you already know, than dating someone new and them cheating on you as well. 

The 5th time Offset cheated on Cardi B, she warned him by publicly stating:

“You do that shit again, you gonna lose your wife”

Update: Offset said he was hacked. Cardi B and him took to IG, after talking a little about her weekend, she said she won’t entertain us, and Offset isn’t crazy enough to cheat right now. She pointed to offset who then said simply: “I got hacked”

Jade just responded to him “getting hacked” on Twitter by saying:

Updated: December 3, 2019 — 6:44 pm

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