People are trying to get Beyonce’s attention as the Ivy Park account posted two white women pretending to be Black women.

A lot of white women on instagram have been blackfishing throughout the years because of a desperation of wanting to be like Black women, but without the dangers that come with being one.

Two of them were recently posted to the Ivy Park clothing line account that shows off people who wear Ivy Park.

The account handler may not have known they weren’t black, as other people admitted they thought they were mixed/or some form of Afro Latina.

Here’s a post going viral trying to get Beyonce’s attention:

Apparently they’re both white:


People are going to the page and writing how they feel:

Blackfishing: White Women & IG Models are being exposed for being white All Along, Trying to be Black Women

Updated: December 9, 2020 — 11:43 am

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