Scientists at the Hudson Institute of Medical Research in Melbourne, Australia, have discovered that being Transgender has a scientific basis, and discovered the link between Genes and being Trans.

After conducting their research on Trans Women, Scientists found 4 genes that were over-represented in Transgender women.

These 4 genes control Sex Hormones. The researchers behind the study propose that the variation in the 4 genes affect the ability in the male brain to process androgen. This means that the brain develops different in Trans Women (Trans men as well), in a way that makes the brain “Less masculine” and “More feminine in the case for Trans Women.

This study is currently deemed the largest and most comprehensible study of its kind, and has been lead by Professor Vincent Harley.

Professor Harley stated:

“While it should not hinge on science to validate people’s individuality and lived experience, these findings may help to reduce discrimination.”

Fran, one of the women who participated in the Hudson Institute’s study told ABC,

“The mental journey of self-acceptance has really been one of the dominating features of my life.”

Professor Harley continued on by insisting that the discovery is:

“not the only factors involved in determining gender identity.”

A study done on Trans people in 2017 found that 75-80% of  trans people between the ages of 14 and 25 experience depression or anxiety, and has revealed that 48% of the Trans people in that age group have attempted suicide.


Updated: June 20, 2019 — 6:01 pm

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