Police say they found no real evidence of drug abuse in Mac Miller’s home.

Police have reported that the scene in his home was very unusual. They say that before they arrived, they found that Mac Miller’s house has been “Swept Clean”, and that no real amount of white powder residue that one should expect to find after an overdose, or other evidence of drug abuse was simply not found, as they searched for the evidence of the events that lead to his death. Police say they only found a “Tiny amount of white powder” when they searched the house.

The police do believe Mac Miller overdosed on drugs, but aren’t sure about how the overdose itself happened. They say that it would’ve been very unusual for someone who took in that much amount of drugs to have the foresight to clean around with all the drugs they have taken, making everything spotless, getting rid of all drug paraphernalia in the event that their drug use would lead to their death. They say it makes no sense.

It was reported to the police that people were witnessed at the house one both Thursday and Friday when 911 was called, and the police also say that witnesses did not see Mac Miller alive after Thursday night.

Fans also shared music Mac Miller was making hours before his death.

Updated: October 27, 2019 — 5:49 pm

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