Indonesian Police force says if you’re an ugly woman don’t even think about it.

Last month a woman filed a complaint saying that women have to undergo virginity tests, where the people who test them use two fingers in an invasive test, to check if they’re virgin’s or not.

Inspector-general and former chief spokesman Setyo Wasisto told the ABC,

“Of course we would test people’s health, but not their virginities — I’ve asked the doctors,”

The Inspector denied the virginity tests. But HRW and observers claimed that it was still conducted throughout the country under the guise of a “morality” examination.

Though they denied the virginity tests, Setyo Wasisto confirmed he’d be damned if the girls who signed up for the police force weren’t baddies.

Wasisto said,

They not only have to be pretty, they also have to be good looking, because being good looking is relative,”

Wasisto confirmed female recruits had to be “pretty, good girls”, because they’d have to mingle with public and their beauty will bring up the image of the police force, and that them being beautiful women is relative to mingling and dealing with citizens. Wasisto said that they do have some average looking women at the police force, though.

The virginity testing has seen complaints for a very long time now, and online reports go as far back as 2012.

Updated: October 17, 2019 — 3:23 am

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