A Hitman outsourced a job he was hired to do to another Hitman, that Hitman also hired another hitman, who hired a Hitman, who hired a Hitman, who snitched.

Five Hitman were sent to jail after 4 of them contracted other hitmen to do their job for them, while pocketing part of the money each time.

They pocketed enough money for the price to get so low that the last hitman snitched. 

The original Hitman was hired in 2013 by real estate mogul Tan Youhu who hired the Hitman to kill a rival of his who had sued his company over a building battle.

Youhu paid Xi Guangan about $280,000 to kill his rival, but Guangan pocketed half the money and hired Mo Tianxiang.

Tianxiang also didn’t do his job as a hitman, but hired another Hitman, Yang Kangsheng, who he offered $38,000 to upfront, and $71,000 when the job was done. Tianxiang gave him the developer’s photo, along with his license plate number to make sure he would be killed.

Kangsheng also didn’t do his job and hired another Hitman, Yang Guangsheng, who he offered $28,000 to upfront, and $71,000 when the job was done.

Guangsheng also didn’t do his job and hired the fifth man, Ling Xiansi, for $14,000.

Xiansi feeling like the money wasn’t nearly enough to kill someone, told the victim about the hit on him, and helped him fake his death by staging a photo of him with his hand on his head, to try to collect the cash.

Eventually the developer had enough and reported the plot to the police, and each of the men got sentenced to 2-4 years in prison. The original man who contracted the initial killer got 5 years in prison.

Updated: February 4, 2020 — 9:53 am

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