Video shows a Hispanic gang attacking a black special education student, and a black girl afterwards.

Rasheena McCord says her son was walking home from school on Wednesday when a gang brutally attacked him.

Her son, who is a special education student, was at 16th Street and Long Beach Boulevard when a group of teenagers approached him and asked him where he was from.

The boy tried to run, but they caught up with him and beat him violently.

The video shows one of the attackers wearing brass knuckles. The attack last about 3 minutes. The boy suffered bruises on his head, a torneardrum, scrapes on his elbows andmuscle soreness, and is currently walking with a limp.

The video shows the same boys Target and beat a black girl afterwards.

Here is the video:

McCord and other parents took to Poly Highschool to demand school officials and the police take action against what was happening in the community.

McCord believes that her son was attacked because of the color of his skin. She says that other students were attacked Thursday and Friday.

It’s reported that videos of Black and Hispanic students teens attacking each other were posted to social media recently, and some were filled with racial slurs.

McCord said:

“I’m told it’s being investigated, but I would like to hear more from school and police”

McCord says so far she doesn’t know of any arrests being made, and her son hasn’t been called in to identify any suspects.

“That’s very disturbing because if this was Beverly Hills it would be solved quickly,”

Updated: June 20, 2019 — 4:43 pm

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