Tristan Thompson is allegedly dating someone.

Sources sent in video and pictures to TMZ after spotting Tristan Thompson out to dinner with a woman.

Tristan first posted a picture on his IG in which people spotted a woman hand’s across from him.

The hands had white nails, here’s the picture,

Fans are calling him messy for posting the picture, while others believed it might not even have been a date with another woman, and that it could’ve been a random friend in a group whose nails happened to have appeared in the picture by coincidence.

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TMZ now reports that he was definitely on a date with another woman, and it’s allegedly his new girlfriend.

Here are the pictures,

He was seen leaving the woman above. Both have white nails.


The source who took the pictures told news sites,

“He arrived with one of his teammates in a tinted black SUV five minutes after a brunette model appeared outside of the restaurant.

‘She waited outside patiently before Tristan ducked his head out the door and brought her inside where he drank red wine and ate pasta for nearly four hours.  ‘The model was seen exiting first, and walking down the block alone.

‘Tristan emerged three minutes later, making a quick sprint from the kitchen door of the restaurant and into a car.’

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Updated: October 30, 2019 — 9:20 pm

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