A woman in China has reportedly killed herself and her two kids after grieving for her husband who was reported dead. But the husband has been found alive and well.

The husband has admitted that he has faked his death recently, which resulted in his grieving wife’s death and the death of his two kids. The man says he faked his death to get out of debt.

The 34 year old man was presumed dead after his car was found wrecked in a river on September 29th, with no sign of his body.

He reportedly never told his wife about his plans to fake his death, because he wanted it to be completely legitimate and didn’t want any news accidentally getting out, so that she could receive a $144,000 payout on a life insurance policy he obtained for himself a week prior.

Three weeks after his death, his 31 year old wife took her 2 kids to a local pond, threw them in, and jumped in, drowning both the kids and herself.

The wife reportedly left a suicide note on social media telling everyone that she no longer wanted to be alive, and was tired of the husband’s family saying she was involved in his death. It’s also reported that in the suicide note, she said she killed her two kids so that they could be together in the afterlife.

He posted a video on social media, WeChat, crying about his family’s death, and explained the reason why he faked his death.

The husband has turned himself into the police a day after his Wife and children’s deaths.

The husband is  currently being detained on intentional destruction of property and insurance fraud charges.

Updated: June 20, 2019 — 6:00 pm

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