Some of you may remember Tamla Horsford, a woman who died at a slumber party back in 2018, and the case made absolutely no sense.

Tamla Horsford attended a slumber party at a North Forsyth County home, where the white women who attended said she “accidentally fell off the balcony” and fell to her death.

For the past 2 years her family has disputed the results of the investigation. Family attorney Ralph Fernandez sent out a letter to the Horsford Family stating that there was a strong possibility that Tamla Horsford’s death was a homicide:

Witness statements are in conflict. A potential subject handled the body as well as the evidence prior to law enforcement arriving. Evidence was disposed of and no inquiry followed. The scene was not preserved. A remarkable fact is that there were no photographs taken during the autopsy of Tamla’s body. This had to have been done at someone’s directive because such a practice is unheard of.

Forsyth County Sheriff Ron Freeman sent a letter to the GBI requesting that investigation be renewed in the tragic death of Tamla Horsford:

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation stated that it will reopen the case and renew investigations based on Freeman’s request.

The case came back to light because of outcry over the last week, where millions of people including celebrities, signed a petition that called for justice for Tamla Horsford.

Freeman stated that the GBI will have complete access to case files, and have the full cooperation of the office and deputies.

Here’s the article we wrote in 2018 for those of you not familiar with the case:

The Lawyer of homeowner who’s house a Black woman mysteriously died in has released a statement about the case.

Everyone is struggling to find news coverage that was supposed to have occurred since November 2018, when she died.

Tamla Horsford, who was 40 years old died at a football-mom sleepover at a house that 7 other white women attended. Three other men were also present. She was a mother of 5. She died on November 4th 2018.

People are hearing about her death for the first time months later. People are also only hearing about her death because the husband of the woman who hosted the Sleepover meddled in the investigation by looking up information on Tamla’s friend, Michelle Wynne Graves, who was asking questions about what happened.

The man, Jose Barrera, is a probation officer and was at the Sleepover when Tamla died.

Michelle Wynne Graves believes officer Jose Barrera was trying to ruin her life, looking up information about her, her work, her drivers license, her past, while the other sleepover attendants tried to intimidate her into getting her to stop asking questions.

The probation officer was fired after police confirmed the investigation by the sheriff’s office Major Crimes Unit and IT department determined that Barrera viewed several reports, including a stalking complaint which allegedly involved his girlfriend, and a death report, in which Barrera is allegedly listed as a witness through his work access. The stalking complaint contained Graves’s personal information.

The homeowner’s attorney has released a statement today about the case, claiming that it’s a wrongful accusation,

It’s been revealed that the family hasn’t been given a full autopsy report.

Here are some of the replies to the statement being given,

People believe there was a lot of meddling in this death, and no matter where you look online, even the family that was trying to get answers for months weren’t able to find any news coverage anywhere, until only one news source from a small town’s video was shared. It was only then, on February 11th 2019, did people know something happened to Tamla.

Updated: June 14, 2020 — 12:27 pm

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