A 21 year old man, who calls himself a nice guy, sawed a 17-year-old girl’s head almost halfway off with a knife, because the girl “who wouldn’t give him a chance” went on a date with another guy.

The suspected murderer, whose name is Brandon Andrew Clark according to NBC news, reportedly killed 17-year-old Bianca Devins at her home in Utica, upstate New York, on Sunday.

Clark then uploaded the photos of her corpse online.

Clark posted the photos of Bianca’s head almost cut in half from the neck to Discord with the caption:

“I’m sorry Bianca.”

It’s reported  that he then changed his bio on IG to:

 “10/06/1997 – 7/14/19. Just know that I feel no pain now,”

Bianca was popular on IG with 35,000 followers across two accounts, the most popular account she used was “escty”. (Edited: her following grew after her death was reported)

Bianca was also very active on the image sharing site “4chan”.

According to the police, they met on an app, and the two had been friends when they went to a concert in Queens on Saturday night.

Lieutenant Bryan Coromato stated that the two got into an argument at the show and drove to Utica, where police believe Clark allegedly pulled on to a side street and killed her. He then called the cops himself, Coromato said.

According to those close to her, and friends of both Bianca and Clark from their Discord, the two were just friends and nothing more, stating that she didn’t show Clark interest other than friendship.

It’s reported that the two attended a concert by Canadian musician Nicole Dollenganger, and Clark was supposed to Bianca’s ride home. At the concert Bianca met up with another man which is what made Clark angry.

In their messages with another friend on the Discord server, Bianca makes reference to Clark being “so mad” that she held hands with this person and kissed him at the show.

Before the concert:

After the concert:

In the above image, Bianca confirms he’s just a friend as mentioned before. This dispells all rumors they were in a relationship.

Apparently because she kissed the man, Clark pulled over and killed her on their way home.

Bianca’s sister, seen far left in the photo below, shared a tribute to her sister’s  death with their mother, seen far right:

Clark then posted “it’s redemption right?”, which references him failing to kill himself after killing Bianca which he allegedly had planned based on the dates on his new changed Bio on IG.

Police arrived at the scene and reportedly found a suicidal man outside an SUV.

He reportedly told them he had killed his girlfriend. Just to make a note again, she was not his girlfriend.

Police reportedly talked Clark down from suicide, and arrested him. He’s now in intensive care as ha sliced part of his neck in an attempted suicide, then took a selfie after slicing part of his neck and posted it to Discord.

Bianca’s sister, Liv took to IG to speak on her sister’s death. She posted:

‘I hate that I have to write this. I hate knowing you’re not going to ever come back home.

‘You were the best sister anyone could’ve ever asked for. Thank you for always being there for me.

‘Thank you for being the best sister I could ever imagine.

‘Thank you for always protecting me and sticking up for me.

‘I am going to do this for you.

‘Every day I’m going to do my best and I’m going to get through this thing called life and do it all for you. Rest easy, I love you so much forever and always.’

Women have been sharing the type of “Nice guys” they met online on twitter since Bainca’s passing, here’s what one woman posted:

Updated: July 27, 2019 — 6:38 am

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