Fans are blaming Future for allegedly not being in his oldest son’s life. His son is now facing 20 years in prison. His son once expressed thoughts of self-harm while speaking on his father not being there. His mother also once tried to get child support from Future to put him in Therapy. 

Future’s son, Jakobi has been involved in a massive gang roundup up of arrests and is facing major time.

According to court documents obtained by BOSSIP, 17-year-old Jakobi was arrested last month on charges including criminal gang activity, criminal trespass and the altered ID of a firearm.

According to the publication he was found with a gun that had the serial number scratched off. As for the gang activity, he’s facing 5-20 years in prison if convicted, as state law views 17-year-olds as adults.

Jakobi, who has 17,000 followers on IG and is usually active has not posted since the day of his arrest.

It wasn’t made clear if he had past run-ins with the law. 

The last time he was seen in court was in 2013 with his mother Jessica Smith, who was suing Future for more child support, and asking for money to try and get him into therapy. 

She stated that Future’s neglect of their son and failing to maintain a meaningful, loving relationship with him caused him to suffer from emotional and behavioral issues, as well as his exposure to his father’s extravagant lifestyle in the media.

She stated Jakobi was in need of behavioral and clinical therapy to address the emotional trauma he’s suffering. She also said their son was underperforming in school and needed specialized tutoring at the time.

Future was giving her $1600 a month claiming he was making about $16,000 a month. Jessica stated that he was lying, saying he was bringing in about $50,000 that she claimed he was hiding. 

Fans say that around July 2016 Jakobi made some disturbing posts to his Snapchat where he spoke about his father, mentioning that his father makes him feel worthless and sometimes wants to self-harm, and that he only ever sees, hears, or finds out news about him through the media. 

Fans say they also saw posts on his Snapchat where he said he felt terrible every time he saw Future with his other son, Future Jr, and he felt bad when he saw that Future had taken him on vacation to Jamaica.

Fans are currently bashing Future, saying that his lack of responsibility towards his children, like most of the mothers of his children stated, is despicable. 

Update: After Jakobi was listed as indigent (poor), in need of financial help on court documents and backlash of Future went viral on social networks like Twitter, it’s now reported that Future is paying for his legal fees and getting him a lawyer.

Updated: February 8, 2020 — 1:13 am

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