Future the Fertile’s baby mamas have have joined forces, became friends.

Future has another new alleged baby mama, and she has become friends with alleged baby mama number 7.  They have teamed up to call him out, they’ve become friends. Other baby mamas may join the team. 

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Future’s latest alleged baby mama filed legal documents in Nueces County Texas, claiming Future is the father of her 3 month old boy, Legend Ary Wilburn.

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Future’s other alleged baby mama Eliza Seraphin also filed a legal documents previously, claiming Future is the father of her son as well.

The two both say Future is dodging their calls on purpose, Cindy, presumed to be alleged baby mama number 8 claiming that she tried to serve him legal papers but failed to so far, while Eliza, presumed to be alleged baby mama number 7 is trying to get him to get a DNA test.

The two have now followed each other on social media, appear to be in communication, and supporting each other’s endeavors. 

Eliza shared a post celebrating her son’s 6 months birthday on social media, and Cindy liked the post and congratulated her:

Eliza also shared a post of her wearing a shirt with 1(800)DEADBEAT on it, with the caption “take the test”

She also started selling the shirt:

Eliza also left a comment on Cindy’s baby mamas post complimenting her son:

Eliza previously also posted a photo of Cindy’s child, Legend, comparing them, saying they look the same:


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