Plus size customers speak out after having placed orders on Forever21 and receiving Atkins Diet Bars with their orders. The company apologizes.

Plus size customers have been taking to Twitter to report Atkin Diet bars that came with their orders.

Most of the impacted customers are the ones who ordered from the company’s Plus Size collections.

Atkin’s is a dieting company that decided to market with Forever 21 by placing their Lemon bars in Forever21 orders.

Here’s are some plus sized women who received a diet bar in her Plus Size order:

The company apologized and said they sent it to everyone, and not just plus sized women. They apologized for not having the foresight to know Plus Sized women would be offended by the packages, saying it was an “oversight” on their part.

Forever 21 has since discontinued the Dieting Bars.

But people still argue that sending dieting food with clothing sends the wrong message, and it should’ve been something they foresaw. It can send the wrong message and can encourage bad eating habits no matter what size you are, especially if you’re plus sized it can send the wrong message.

Updated: July 27, 2019 — 6:40 am

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