A lot of people online, on twitter and IG are surprised at the turn of events.

Normally, black men in the comments section of a Black man who shows off his “Snow bunny” as they call it, say things like “Why are Black women mad we’re dating white women”, while simultaneously putting black women down.

Today, NBA Star Joel Embiid’s are on fire after showing off his girlfriend and including the words “Putting up with my crazy African ass”.

Here are the comments,

This is a pattern that Black men have been known for doing for a long time, and the reactions and the way the tide has shifted is surprising people.

Just a few weeks ago a guest on Nick Cannons shows spoke about how Black me, when they succeed, immediately go with white women.

A video of Nick Cannon’s talk show shows him describing the reasons why Black Men want white woman, and people are rightfully attacking what he’s saying.

He started giving reasons like “Black men view white woman as success”.

Nick Cannon explained Black Men want white women because after being unable to get them for so long, he and Black Men feel like getting them, they have finally succeeded.

He says things like “My daddy, my grandaddy, my great grandaddy couldn’t get a white woman, now since I’m richer I want one” as being a reason he and black men want white woman.

During the video, another black man that’s a guest gave reasons as to why he’d want a Black woman.

After the man finished giving his reasons for why feeling successful for getting a white woman is a weakness, and going specifically after white woman and downing, bashing, and giving up on black women was something you shouldn’t do, Nick Cannon very quickly said “Why can’t I have both”, which people are also rightfully attacking.

The comments on Joel Embiid’s posts continued.

About 2 weeks ago an NFL player shared his white wife, and shared a video saying :

“More lightskin babies in 2019”

It seems that the pattern has finally been caught.

Before you make a comment that “Nothing is wrong with dating outside your race”, they all know this. They’re calling out the problem of black men succeeding and automatically going after white women, as has been said multiple times before.

Updated: June 20, 2019 — 4:56 pm

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