Football Team dresses in Full Blackface as Serena Williams & Venus Williams.

A football team has the black community in rage today, as they dressed up as Serena Williams and Venus Williams and more, and has the internet in rage.

The Australian Football team dressed themselves in complete black depicting Serena and Venus williams for a facebook group called “Mad Monday. Mad Monday is an end of season celebration for football players in Australia where they drink heavily and wear extreme costumes.


The team’s name is Penguin Football Club, a Tasmanian team.

Twitter went on to cite how Racist Australia normally is, and how it almost killed of the indigenous black people of Australia when they first came, and how they’re continuing to show their racism towards black people.

An AFL Tasmania spokesperson said the individual clubs are responsible for these individuals behaviors and not them saying:

“We don’t condone [blackface] and it isn’t in keeping with our values. We will be working with the league and club to get more information and to see how we can assist in providing education to the players.”



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