Foot fetish model earns $130,000 a year selling used socks.

A foot fetish model is earning $130,000 a year in her foot fetish business, which includes selling socks.

With 50,000 followers on Instagram, Roxy Sykes posts videos and pictures of her feet, and customers flock.

Roxy, 33 years old, says she found out about the foot-fetish business when someone complimented her on how beautiful her feet were.  Roxy, being a property investor, made the decision to set up an Instagram page for her feet.


After posting multiple photos of her feet, her follower count began to rise. When it grew enough, Roxy started to sell her used shxes and socks.

She sells her used pair of socks $26, and her worn shxes for $260 a pair. Here are a pair of her used socks,

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She says her used socks, like the ones seen above, go for a minimum of $26.

Here are a pair of her shxes she sells that go for $260

Here’s Roxy,

Roxy said

After being told by a colleague that I had beautiful feet, I was convinced to set up a social media account to show them off.  But it wasn’t until I started getting thousands of followers and messages about selling used items that I realized I could profit from it. I didn’t show my face or anything at first, so I knew people were just interested in me for my feet, so it didn’t feel too personal. But when I started selling I got a real buzz from it, and realized just how much I could make from selling shxes and socks from time to time. I realized how much money I could truly make on my busiest month, where I saw over $10,000 come in just for videos, socks and shxes. Now I can never see myself stopping this – however old I get my feet will always be able to make me money!




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