Florida man has a full blown shootout on IG live after police show up for domestic violence reports.

A Florida man, after battering his wife took to IG live showing himself trying to get his wife back from the hands of police.

Laforest Duron Gray Jr begin shooting at cops after they wouldn’t “return his wife” to him.

According to police reports a man saw Rachel Gray, Laforest’s wife, walking alone as she looked to be in distress. The man offered to help her but she refused.

A moment later, Laforest came out of their apartment, and the man said Rachel changed her mind and ran to his car door, opened it and got inside. Laforest came and opened the man’s car door and dragged Rachel out of the car while punching her in the face repeatedly, despite the man telling him to stop and leave.

Laforest dragged his wife by her hair on the floor the street. One witness called the police to alert them of what was happening.

Deputy to arrive Kyle Brenard was first to arrive to the scene, and said he found Laforest and Rachel Gray arguing in their garage. Deputies Bethany Rising, Nicholas Gramazio and Jason Martin then arrived.

Deputy Brenard said Laforest had one hand hidden, and kept it hidden despite commands to put his hands up by Brenard.

Laforest opened IG Live and said:

“Ya’ll finna see this sh*t live, bro …I’ll take one for the team, yo.”

Although it’s not clear who fired first, deputies said that Laforest fired first.

Here’s a part of the video:


Here’s the full video

According to the affidavit, Rachel Gray “was uncooperative and denied anything happened, or that Laforest had a gun.”

Laforest was taken to the Orange County Jail after being treated at Orlando Regional Medical Center.

A witness says Laforest had a gun and fired first at the officers. The officers then opened fire striking Laforest. Authorities said corrections deputies “had to use force to subdue him” at the jail.

Laforest Gray faces four counts of attempted first-degree murder of a law enforcement officer with a firearm and one count each of resisting an officer with violence, burglary of a conveyance with battery and domestic violence battery, jail records show.

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Updated: June 20, 2019 — 4:58 pm

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