Florida Man interviews for Kohls to get a job, steals 2 pairs of shoes on his way out.

A Florida man has been arrested after stealing 2 pairs of shxes.

24 year old Dominick Breedlove was arrested after stealing two pairs of shxes from Kohl’s in springhill.

A Kohls loss prevention officer saw Breedlove searching through the shxes, apparently looking to see if he could find any shxes without security tags.


After finding a pair he wanted without security tags, Breedlove then went to his car and got a Kohls bag that he had from a previous shopping trip.

Breedlove then came back into the store with the bag and got the pair of shxes he found, put the the pair in the bag, then for some reason went to look for other shxes as well, and picked one out that were still in the box and also put them in the bag, police say..

Moments before trying to steal from the store, Breedlove had just sat down in an office where he sat for an entire interview with his resume trying to get the job. He entered the store at around 3:20pm and went to the Human Resources department for the job interview.

After completing the interview to try and get the job- that was going to call him later to let him know whether he had gotten the job or not, that’s when he proceeded to try to steal the shxes.

Breedlove was detained by police waiting for him in the Kohl’s parking lot as he was walking to his car.

Deputies said he had stolen a pair of women’s Nike Air Bella TR shxes valued at $80. He also had a pair of women’s Nike Elite TR shxes, valued at $70. When stopped, he said the shxes were a gift for his mom.

Breedlove was transported to the Hernando County Detention Center and charged with retail theft, and his bond was set at $500.

Kohls says they are not accepting him for the job.


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