The FBI say that Jussie may not have sent the sent the hate letter to himself.

The FBI have reported that Chicago-Police-Claims that Jussie sent the hate letter to himself may be false.

It’s reported that the $3500 dollars that the Chicago Police claimed were sent by the Nigerians Brothers as payment for the staged attack, may not be for the staged attack at all. The police put that forward in connection to the attack.

The Nigerian brothers in court in the past days told the Grand Jury that the $3500 dollars were not for the alleged staged attack, and was for a training plan that Jussie had for a very long time.

The FBI are questioning a check that was sent, as the check was sent for out, with a note for the transaction as a “5 week nutrition plan”.

It’s also being questioned why a check would be sent out for an attack instead of cash, as a check could be traced back.

The FBI say the Police overstated the hate letter being planned by Jussie, and that who sent the letter is still being investigated.

Texts revealed in court as an exchange between the men, and received by TMZ also show that the fitness plan was something that was planned for a while.

Jussie, having gained weight, is reported to have asked the brothers to help him train as the Nigerian brothers had a fitness plan for getting “fit in 2 months.”

Here’s the check that was sent out,

Here are texts sent from the one of the Brothers, whose nickname is “Bon”, in the past for helping Jussie with the personal training plan. It’s reported that Jussie even signed up for the plan as far back as the middle of last year, and was paying the brothers for a while, and was making final payments for a full payment that he had been paying for a long time.

Here’s a text from Frank for workout dates,


Sources told reporters that the $3,500 breakdown is as follows — $600 a week for the workout plan for 5 weeks, and $100 a week for the nutrition plan for 5 weeks.

Again, it’s also reported that the Nigerian Brothers have confirmed in court and told the Grand Jury under oath, that the $3500 were in fact for the training, and not for the the staged attack as the Chicago Police have reported.

Others are saying that the Nigerian brothers told the police the payment was for the staged attack so that they may be released.

It’s also been mentioned that the Nigerian brothers never tied Jussie to the cut up magazines found in the Nigerian brothers’ apartment.

Updated: February 4, 2020 — 10:45 am

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