Fans are accusing Summer Walker of getting a nose job, saying she didn’t need it.

A few new age celebrities have been getting surgeries lately and fans aren’t happy.

Fans say Blac Chyna for example looked very beautiful in the beginning, but are now making fun of her saying things like she looks like SpongeBob.

Fans are now saying Summer Walker went and got herself a Caucasian nose, and that her original nose was actually much cuter.

Here are the photos they’re comparing, starting with what fans are calling her new nose on her latest post (swipe):

Here are some of the comments on that post:

Here’s what fans say is the original:

Here’s another comparison fans are making and some of the reactions to her change:

One fan said she should’ve focused on taking a shower.

Other fans are saying the problem is much deeper, saying it’s rooted in racism and some black women feel pressured to change the way they look to fit a certain standard. 

Updated: February 18, 2020 — 8:44 am

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