Black Women are dragging a popular account called “emoblackthot” who revealed himself to be a black man. For years he had private conversations with Black women, gave women advice about their bodies, gave period/menstruation advice, got money from black women to support him, among other things.

Women, but mostly black women are expressing their betrayal online after @EmoBlackThot, an account that’s very popular and trusted by black women everywhere did a reveal.

The reveal was anticipated for a very long time, as the account told people they’d be revealing themselves for months, almost up to a year now.

And for a very long time, the person behind the account expressed how scared or nervous they were about coming out.

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This morning, the account did a reveal, and got Paper Magazine to write account them:

The reactions were very positive at first:

The account he currently has has close to 200,000 followers. An old account that was suspended for posting a copyrighted song had more than 300,000 followers. Black women looked up to him, and told spoke to him privately, a lot of them revealing some of their secrets in trust.

The Paper magazine article highlighted some of the good he did to people with the EmoBlackThot account:

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But it soon wore off, and he started getting exposed for multiple things, like:

A few celebrities also recognized the account:

But the magic soon wore off, after people started realizing the the depth of the situation, its significance and what was really happening. He was also exposed for quite a few things:

(He was famous for saying the line “Nickname is Nicki, but not Nicole”, which people say it makes much more sense now)

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