Erykah Badu released a perfume that smells like her vagina in her online store, sells out in moments. 

A few weeks ago Erykah Badu wanted to release a vagina perfume that smelled like her own after another woman did it.

She stated that since people always say her vagina ruins men’s lives, keeps men locked on her, and lets her control them, maybe a perfume that smelled like her vagina would do well. 

She opened the store today and announced that within 19 minutes her “Premium Pussy Incense” sold out.

She’s now restocking her vagina perfume, and says her p*ssy lubricated and ready for another round.

She says the official name of her “P*ssy Premium Incense” is “Badussy.”


Updated: February 25, 2020 — 3:43 pm

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