A white woman who people thought was an elderly woman and started feeling bad turns out to be a young white woman who went to try and stab black people to keep them from looting.

“She’s 30, she’s got a knife, she can walk” are all trending on Twitter after a woman who people felt sorry for because they thought she was elderly turned out to be a young white woman vigilante.

The woman apparently went to target to try and stop people from rioting.

She used her wheelchair to block the doorway, while simultaneously letting white people walk in and out.

She held a knife in her hand and tried to stab people as they walked by.

Here’s the video of what people thought happened:

Here’s what was actually happening:

People are saying her name is Jennifer and she’s a 30 year old white woman:

Apparently she was committing crimes of her own:

Updated: May 28, 2020 — 4:11 pm

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