A woman did an extensive breakdown of every women involved in the alleged R. Kelly ring, and showed interviews of the girls speaking on exactly what happened during their time with R. Kelly. A 6 year old girl was involved.

Before going into it, here are a few facts before even viewing the video, or reading, as it would seem far fetched if it was a different random person:

-R. Kelly admitted he bought the girls. Flat out, straightforward said the parents sold them to him.
-R. Kelly married a 15 year old girl, documented court fact/got a divorce a year later.
-R. Kelly met one of the girls he’s currently dating at 14 years old, she’s now 21, says the mother sold her to him, and wanted them to have sex with the girl, but claims he waited, he “Absolutely did not have sex with her”, though the mom says she has text messages proving he did. The mother says they started seeing each other when the girl was 17.

All of the above bullet points are facts, all directly from R. Kelly’s mouth, a marriage license, and court documents he admitted to.

Here’s the video, and below the video if you prefer to read instead, scroll down and see every point that was made inside of the video, and every single parent allegedly involved in the R. Kelly ring is provided below the video:

Watching the video would show you their faces, and convey more of everything, but if you can’t watch, here’s the complete written version of the video/points in the video (Written down by someone who watched the whole video):

-Group of people helped keep girls and kelly under with radar by using various names for hotel rooms/ medical services /flights

-The girls received various medical procedures while with Kelly. Including Azriel who had breast enhancement surgery last year and almost died. Her family was not contacted at all and only heard this from an insider later on.

-Both jocelyn and azriel abortions twice in one year.

-These people also were in charge of training the girls, transporting them to and fro and keeping an eye on what happens between them.

-The girls were taken to Macys to shop there because they got a discount due to one of these people working there and having a discount.
The clothes had to be sweats, mens clothing or if they were women’s clothing they had to be 2 to 3 sizes too big.

-The couldn’t eat unless they called Kelly first and if he didn’t answer you had to basically starve. When he did they would have to call one of these people to place the order, it would be brought to the door and they would have to wait 10 seconds before opening the door.

-R owes irs 20mil and the state of IL 6 mil. He only has about 350K to his name if that and none of the property is in his name including the trump tower which is in his main girl, azriel’s name. This is leased.

-He only has in his name a 50,000 dollar line of credit from suntrust bank and a jcpenny card.

-R is very smart though not book smart but he knows how to keep everything he is doing off the records and without anything tracing back to him.

-People in the indictment and their involvement include:

-Diana Copeland : allegedly assisted with booking flights and hotels for girls who were chosen by r kellys security at the concerts. She was once sleeping with r but is now an older woman who still helps him with his misdeeds.
3:50mark for text message proof of what she does and how much she knows about what was happening to these girls. 5:00mark text of her discussing info about a tape that was leaked to a blogger(tashak). In that tape she describes one of the girls having sex with her then 6 year old niece which r wanted to sleep with. R and Dominique watched the tape of the girl, Vee (vanisha adams) sleeping with the child. She is giving them the heads up that the info is out. Vee is said to be a singer and writer and did this to win the trust of r and start her career. This is confirmed by dominique and jerhonda pace who both viewed the tape

-Cheryl Mack (London on the track? mother):
also in this mess. in fact it is said that london also slept with r to get his break. Cheryl is said to have storage in her name that houses tapes of r and these girls that he uses to blackmail these girls. She also booked things for the girls and was given a prepaid $50,000 line of credit to do so. She was fired for disrespecting azriel, his main girl. Jocelyn was the ‘go girl” who would sleep with other men, have threesomes and basically do whatever r told her to do whether it be giving a man head or whatever he wanted her to do. But Azriel was more protected and sleeps in the bed with r. Cheryl got cursed out for disrespecting her in mcdonalds and was asked to apologized, she refused and left.

-Cash howard R kellys stylist: In charge of transitioning the girls. When the girls want to leave she uses the girls herself as she is a madam and gives them makeovers to go out and date other famous men. She took in the white girl that was with R. Kelly two years ago when she left r and came to her with two black eyes beaten up. She is now in the circle with ball players and celebs. She is now being questioned by homeland security for trafficking.

-Michelle kramer: domonique’s mom. sold her to R. Kelly when she was only 14. (She emphasizes that R. Kelly is all she knows. From being young until right now, all she has ever lived is R. Kelly.) Her daughter ate R Kelly’s feces to form a covenant with him. R’s covenants are usually with urine and sometimes feces. Dominque transitioned herself into a male by r’s request to mimic the look of r’s young daughter. This is alleged and reported to tasha from a pi. Michelle did the lifetime doc and claimed to want her daughter back even though her daughter has been with R. Kelly for 11 years and she has always known where she was. Michelle was dating one of r’s bodyguards and domonique got close to r that way and her mother told her to go with him. Domonique has been brainwashed and all she knows is r. She even has him tatted on her leg. Her mother has received funds from r both given to her and taken from him by her daughter and a store that she still owns to this day. She also would purchase sex toys for r and the girls to use. The scene in the doc was fake because domonique has always been free to go but would not and was also a handler to other girls. now she is dating a 50 year old man and is working at a theater. She still loves r and wont tell on him.

-Mother and daughter juice(spelling?) and valerie: juice was allegedly given to r by her mom at 13. Juice works at macys and she gets the girls clothes with her discount. They both sleep with the girls and act as madams.

-Alesiette and suzette mayweather: cousins of floyd mayweather. They follow the girls including azriel. At one point they flew with her to her graduation and stayed the whole time following her around to make sure she followed all the rules. Their names are the ones used when booking any hotels.

-Asanti mcgee?: Was also in the lifetime doc. She is a handler of one of the girls. She was a stalker of r kelly. She was an adult when she met him and did whatever he asked of her including getting things in her name to keep up this pedo ring. She has a large amount of mugshots behind this for fraud and conartistry.

-Jermaine mackie: R’s boyfriend of many years. He would double team with the young girls by sucking r’s penis with them at the same time as well as giving and receiving anal with r. His job was to recruit the girls. jeronda was introduced to r by him after he contacted her through myspace. he owns a tattoo shop in chicago and is actively still online liking pics of young women and contacting them using r’s instagram to lure them in by telling them they can be flown into concerts where r would meet them and later have sex with them.

-Jojo chapman: joseph chapman allegedly the paperwork man who gets fake ids, houses and apartments as well as anything the girls need as far as surgeries and abortions. jocelyn and azriel were both pregnant twice last year and he was the one to get the abortions done because the girls have no ids. Everything is done under fake names so that it can’t be used against r.

-woman who bailed r out of jail: this woman is not a daycare owner but the daughter of the owner who went behind the family’s back and bailed a pedo out of jail and now the daycare is losing money for supporting a pedo.

-Crystal payton: real estate agent married who has known r for many years. She gets the rental properties including the trump tower. The one they have is the second one. One wasn’t paid and the new one is in azriel name.

-Homewood suites and Hyatt regency: being investigated for not requiring girls to need ids. r would rent whole floors there with each girl having their own room but no ids were checked. They would send info on who would be in the rooms but it was not checked by the hotel. Also hotel staff was not allowed on the floor they were staying on. Girls were given a single room each and could not socialize with each other.

-Don Russel and James mason: don russel gave a statement but he was fired after this. he was r’s manager and is a pedophile. There are sealed court documents on him that are a pedophilia case. Him and his mother june booked concerts for r. He kept r on tour to keep the money coming in.
-James mason: r kelly’s manager was locked up for threatening tim savage. he knew the girls were held against their will. he was the only one who would facilitate the girls having phone calls to their families and once the info was leaked about what was going on he did try to free the girls. He was then fired. He is still included in this indictment.

-Sandra mosley: New part of the staff who has been seen transporting the girls from trump tower to the court hearings. She is a new handler of the girls and staying at trump tower with them.

-Andrea Kelly (mama bear fug azz): was never a victim. It was all about money for her. She allegedly hit one of the underage girls with a bat, likes girls too, likes anal and painful sex. She would find young girls for r also. Her and her dancers had sex with r also. She would bring new girls to him and she would stand around making sure no one came by while r was having sex with the new girls. This has been confirmed by r’s old manager, the same manager that dug up the marriage license with aaliyah. He witnessed this.

-as for r: he isn’t as dumb as he pretends to be but is very smart in how to manipulate things and keep things from being traced to him. He won’t be able to get out of this because the feds are on this and he can not lie about the new tapes that have been recovered because he has no idea which tape it is and what is in it and he won’t know until his court date. He is right about some of these parents selling their kids. He does not have the money to fight although his fans are making gofundmes, it won’t help him meet this next bail.

R. Kelly admitted the parents sold (meaning he bought) their children to him in the interview with Gayle King, which corroborates a lot of the “Selling/Buying” that he has done. In the below interview, Gayle King asks about one of the woman involved in providing her daughter (Azriel Clary mentioned in the above notes) to R. Kelly.

A video for which R. Kelly was acquitted for in 2008 allegedly showed R. Kelly peeing on one of the girls.

R Kelly also married a 15 year old girl (Aaliyah) when he was 28.

Updated: June 20, 2019 — 4:51 pm

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