Dwayne Wade speaks on what it’s like having a gay son and how it is to raise his child.

Dwayne Wade has always been praised for being very accepting of his son and defending his life choices.

On a recent interview on All The Smoke with Matt Barnes, Wade spoke about what it’s like to raise a gay son.

Wade said he and Gabrielle Union noticed in the beginning that their son Zion, 12, was different than their other son in terms of behavior.

He had to reflect on himself and ask how he’d feel if his son came home one day and told him he was gay.

Wade said something that really stood out to the commenters; his son already knew who he personally was, so as a parent it’s about knowing yourself and the type of person you are toward the situation.

Here’s the video:


Updated: February 4, 2020 — 9:40 am

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