Drake’s Ex Maliah Michel took to IG to stand up for R Kelly.

She wrote about how her life was, and how the girls who accused R Kelly arent’t that innocent.

Here’s what she wrote,

“Ok I will say my piece as a woman who has been dancing for a very long time. These women are not innocent little lambs. We all seen the pee video and the little girl def knew what she was doing and it def was not her first time. The problem is greed and control. I don’t condone acting out of your character i don’t give a fxck who it is.

l know celebrities and ball players are some of the most despicable people there are and it‘s because people let them. ESPECIALLY THE WONEN!!

Look at 13 i was fxcking and there was nothing anyone could do about it. Fucking like a jackrabbit in fact most of the men i slept with happened before i was 18 i was a hot twat. It’s a scientific fact that we go into this stage of life at this age.

And let me tell you anotherh thing. These girls will set your ass up and take you for all you got. Ive seen it too many times. Ive been ganged up on by women for pimps and i been done so shady by women for celebs.

I also have had men hit on me since I was 9. My body been this way since i came out the womb.

There is a huge difference between being innocent and riding a nxggas dick like you 25.

Y’all don‘t think for yourselves and it’s disgusting how they can post something or put something out and you write manipulate you and get you excited and emotional.

All the shit in the world they keep under wraps but they airing this man out now!! He must be tired of somebodies shit. Somebody high up. All these hoes y’all look up to i see y’all post them they been fxcking these nxggas for ages and they only make it into these high positions because they been down with the get

So when you come at me about some shit i look at you and laugh my ass off cause you don’t know the half. I been around a long time and believe me all y’all fooled af Sheep!!”

She since made her IG private and deleted the post. Then remade her IG public.

Interestingly, but not surprisingly, a lot of people were actually supporting what she was saying as well,

This is the post she made then commented her story on

This should open discussions for how men have created a world where even women believe they aren’t being raped, and develop traumas they accept and shapes their future.

She truly believed it was okay for men to have hit on her when she was 9 years old. She believes having sex woth men when she was 13 as well was okay.

A lot of people around you, women and men, but men especially as they shape that narrative, say things like “A lot of you women been having sex since [this extremely young age] so ya’ll shouldn’t be talking”. The discussion that should be had is why statements and actions like that were normalized, and women are blamed for having been raised to accept men preying on then.

Updated: June 20, 2019 — 5:15 pm

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