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Drake Removes His song featuring Michael Jackson from his tour

Drake has reportedly removed a song that features Michael Jackson from his UK tour.

According to TMZ, “Don’t matter to me”, Drake’s song that features Michael Jackson vocals, was removed from his “Assassination Vacation Tour” setlist.

TMZ reports that sources tell them he removed the songs in response to the allegations of sexual abuse against Michael Jackson in “Leaving Neverland”.

On Sunday March 10th, fans noticed that Drake started with his normal opening songs, and closed with the normal closing song, but omitted the song featuring Michael Jackson.

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People are currently dragging drake on twitter for the omission:

Drake has yet to speak about Michael Jackson and doesn’t have an opinion out publicly. Fans say his actions of removing the song from the setlist “speaks for itself/speaks volumes”.

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Multiple radio stations worldwide have started to pull Michael Jackson songs, fans are now saying Drake is now doing the same in an effort to “Mute” Michael Jackson”.


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