People are saddened by Doja Cat’s words and calling her father a deadbeat after she sadly tells Whoopi Goldberg that Whoopi met her dad but she herself hasn’t.

Doja Cat and Whoopi Goldberg met during backstage conversation and she mentioned never having met her dad.

She told Whoopi her dad was in the movie Sarafina, and when she mentioned his name Whoopi said he was a good man.

Doja stated it’s crazy how Whoopi met him but she never got the chance to, and fans say it can be heard in her voice that she was sad about it.

Here’s the conversation:

After Doja says “Yeah isn’t that crazy. And I didn’t get to meet him but you did, dammit man, but yeah”, Whoopi nods in a sort of sad way, and awkwardly replies back.

Doja Cat mentioned her father in a past interview stating:

“I’ve never met him and he’s on Instagram and he comments on my pictures sometimes. Maybe not anymore but he did a few times, like months ago. He’s an incredible dancer and a great actor but I don’t know him very well.”

She continued on to say:

“Yeah sure, why not? He’s probably still busy doing stuff. But yeah I’d be down to meet him.”

Though others may have met him and feel he’s a good man, Doja Cat never did to be able to make that decision. 

Everytime she mentions him, she gives off the feeling of wanting to meet him, or wishing he was in her life in some way, or sometimes even throwing shade that she hasn’t met him. 

Her father Dumisani Dlamini mentioned her during an interview with Tshisa Live in South Africa:

“Beautiful girl (who goes by) the name Doja Cat, she’s singing with Nicki Minaj. If you google you will see, it’s D. O. J. A. C. A. T, she’s one of the best singers now in America. That’s my daughter,” 

He said that after Sarafina production ended he decided to stay in America, and that’s when he met Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer, a Jewish-American woman. They had two children together.

He later mentions that he felt homesick after being in America, so he decided to head back to South Africa with plans of moving his family there with him later on, but things didn’t work out as planned.

He then stated that he maintains a close relationship with all his children:

“I am close to my kids, all of them. I love them and they love me.”

Updated: April 23, 2020 — 3:41 pm

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