Doja cat repeated the F word trying to protect herself from having said the word, saying that saying the word doesn’t mean you hate gay people.

Someone tried to get her to apologize for this so it doesn’t ruin her career, and she gave a first apology that no one cared about and even found disrespectful

After more backlash she deleted the tweet and made this new apology

It reads:

“I truly apologize to anyone that I’ve offended or deeply hurt with my words. I used these hateful and derogatory words out of
ignorance and didn’t intend to discriminate against anyone for their race, religion or sexual orientation. I understand how
serious this is and know that I have let a lot of my fans and supporters down. I promise to do better for myself and each and
every one of you.”


Twitter came for her:

People tried to protect her saying it was in the past, but fans found deleted tweets of her saying it just this year, and saying she’s not sorry.

People are saying she doesn’t mean it at all, and just doesn’t want it to ruin her career as multiple people begged her to stop saying it even this year.

Updated: June 20, 2019 — 6:07 pm

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