A Tennessee doctor has lost her medical license after borrowing money from a patient, and not giving the patient the money back.

The Tennessee doctor, Dr. Suellen Lee, is currently trying to insist that she was “set up” by a vindictive patient, saying she only retired her license after state attorneys presented her with a case that was unwinnable.

Lee said on Tuesday

“It was all lies and I was told that if I fought it would be extremely costly to me, and there would still be no benefit. There was no chance of reversal.”

Dr.Lee, 79 years old, an internal medicine specialist in Columbia, has retired her medical license before the Tennessee Board of Medical Examiners who are responsible for disciplining doctors. Government attorneys say Lee borrowed $300,000 from a patient, and when it was time for the patient to get her money back, the patient requested the money, and Lee diagnosed the patient with Dementia, telling the patient it never happened, and that she just couldn’t remember and was remembering wrong.

The patient is identified only as E.W in the obtained court records, and has been treated by Lee for 25 years, and was also a personal friend of hers. State records show that Lee sent a letter about E.W’s diagnosis to her daughter, and her daughter forwarded the letter to the E.W’s financial company, and E.W was then denied access to her assets.

There was an investigation into the matter, and Lee was questioned. When asked about the diagnosis, Lee admitted she diagnosed the patient purely on visual appearance, based “On observation”.

A psychologist later examined E.W, and found that she had absolutely no signs of dementia.

Lee insists that the state twisted her words, making it look like she was trying to escape a loan that she had been slowly paying over the course of 20 years. Lee is currently standing by her diagnosis saying she did see signs erratic behavior and signs of memory loss that she started noticing as far as 2 years ago.

Lee ultimately signed a consent order, voluntarily retiring her license and agreeing to pay a $2,000 fine.

Updated: June 20, 2019 — 5:57 pm

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