Future now has 8 confirmed baby mamas out of 9, Future reacts after it’s confirmed that he is the father of Eliza Reigns child through a DNA test that came out as 99.99999999%.

Future is currently doing the walk of shame on social media as his community d*ck status continues to elevate.

One more “allegedly” seems to be off of the table as he now has 8 baby mother’s that are confirmed, as he named 6 of them yesterday in a post wishing them a happy mother’s day.

The DNA test was reportedly released in a court hearing today.

Future had previously sued Eliza Reign for defamation, claiming that her false claims are ruining his life. He had accused of her “falsely claiming he tried to force her to get an abortion.”

Another woman, Cindy Parker, who accused Future of being her son’s father met up with Eliza Reign and did a DNA test. The test confirmed that their children both have the same father.

The two joined forces a few months ago and teamed up against Future, Eliza Reign posted this photo of Cindy’s child, Legend, comparing them, saying they look the same:

The two participated in selling “deadbeat” t-shirts, throwing shade at Future:

Since the two have the same father, this means Cindy can now get her child support as well if she pursues it, which she most likely will as she’s been trying to serve him papers for a while.

This was also around the time he told Eliza Reign to start a GoFundMe for his son instead of asking him for child support.

Future left these comments on social network in relation to the DNA test results being revealed

Yesterday Future wished a happy mother’s day to 6 of his alleged 9 baby Mama’s, which is what the above comment is referencing.

Updated: May 14, 2020 — 5:28 pm

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