According to Sean Comb’s sources, Cassie “betrayed Diddy” by sleeping with another man.

Tmz reports that sources very close to Diddy reported that Diddy was betrayed by Cassie when she slept with her Trainer.

Apparently the man she’s currently with is a trainer Diddy hired for her.

Diddy and Cassie were reported to have broken up months ago.

During that time Diddy himself was reported to have cheated on Cassie, which would actually be the 2nd/3rdbtime he was reported to have cheated on her.

In 2018 he was reported to have cheated on her, and seen hanging out with an Asian model.

TMZ is told that Jamal Liggin, Diddy’s original trainer, got very busy and hired other trainers to fill his schedule, including Alex Fine. Diddy okayed Alex Fine training Cassie.

Alex is the man Cassie is currently with.

Cassie says they have the timeline wrong. But according to TMZ Diddy’s sources say they were having sleeping with each other before Cassie and Diddy broke up

They reported that when he was training Cassie, they took that time to have sex together.

Updated: February 4, 2020 — 10:51 am

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