Sean Combs says Black people need to take control of their culture.

Sean Combs took to Instagram today to share a little piece about Black people taking control of their culture.

What he means by this, is that black people need to own their own assets, own their own labels, own their own music, and take control of the things they create ranging from things like comedy, movies, fashion, and other creatives.

He means that it’s definitely for everyone to enjoy, but for black people to own their own creatives, just like every other group owns their own

He means black people should demand ownership of everything they work on, and work on getting ownership that way black people can be the distribute it as they keep control of it, just like all other races and groups keep control of the cultures they create, and distribute it through creatives.

To make it clear, he’s saying everyone should enjoy it, but black people should be owning the financial and economical side of it, so the culture doesn’t fade, and black people lose out on more things they’ve created and innovated, and they’re left the only ones who don’t own what they produce.

Updated: October 18, 2019 — 2:41 am

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