Daniel Caesar who recently called black people “too sensitive”, and defended and agreed with his friend “YesJulz” who said black people are “Lazy/Don’t Give Back/Mad at her because she has a fat ass”, personally responded today to the backlash he got from Black People.

Yesterday Daniel Caesar took to IG live to rant that Black people don’t do anything but play the victim, be sensitive, and that he agrees with his friend “YesZhulz” who said black people “don’t give back” and that black people are coming at her because her “Ass is fat but her skin ain’t black”. She also said that black people are Lazy.

As he defended her, he said that black people should be more like white people and employ their methods, and not be “sensitive” the same way he claims white people aren’t. He said let white people speak their mind and say how they really feel about black people’s situation, as he defended YesJulz who insulted the black community and black women in a freestyle rap. He then went on to tell black people to “make him broke”, “Not support him” if they don’t want to, that he doesn’t need them.

Here’s what happened in that full situation. Before we get into his response, here are tweets a famous activist called “Deray” who capes for people tweeted without knowing that Caesar had posted a response to the backlash that very morning. Deray said that he spoke to Daniel Caesar and he’s “Sorry”, and he’s “Learning from what happened”:

While Deray was saying that they spoke “Yesterday” and Caesar is sorry, he hadn’t realized Caesar made posts that very morning saying:

Updated: March 22, 2019 — 1:25 am

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