Daniel Caesar went on IG Live to rant about black people.

Daniel Caesar took to IG live to rant that Black people don’t do anything but play the victim, be sensitive, and that he agrees with his friend “YesZhulz” who said black people basically don’t give back, and black people are “coming at her” because her “Ass is fat but her skin ain’t black”, who also said that black people are Lazy. He said black people should be more like white people and employ their methods, and not be sensitive like them, and let them joke about black people, and say how they really feel about black people’s situation.

In the past he agreed with some things through likes, like Black people not doing much work, but still acting like they do a lot. In the video he speaks about how Black people almost cancelling him before, but they’re the ones who made him rich.

He says in the future, for his next album, don’t even listen to him; he doesn’t care about black people cancelling him or their money, even though they put him on and made him rich. He also said that we need to be more like white people, the winning team, by employing their strategies and get on their level, saying that if we were smart, we’d take jokes like them, not be as sensitive, and just let things go, and employ their methods.

He continued on to emphasize that he fully believes what he’s saying, and doesn’t care about future actions black people will take against him in terms of support.

If you’re wondering how part of this started, it’s about his white friend “YesJulz”, a white female rap artist who recently put out a freestyle video that included the black community inside of the lyrics. Part of her lyrics read:

“Cause my ass is fat, and my skin ain’t black, I’m the ‘vulture’ they’re huntin’, and yet they never do nothin’, they never give back, and they keep killing blacks.”

Here’s the video of YesZhuls rapping those lyrics:

Now, here’s a video of Daniel Caesar who went on his live, today, 3/19/2019, to rant about black people, starting off by asking why are black people mad at YesJulz [for speaking her mind on the black community]:

He spoke as white people cheered him on in the comments. And a lot of white people on twitter are currently extremely happy that he took this stance.

He also uploaded himself dining with a group of white people on his IG Story.

He says black people tried to cancel him before. He’s speaking about how he spoke on black people in the past saying similar things he just said, and liking and following “Candace Owens”, a black republican who blames black people for the issues in America, and who also believes black people are lazy.

Candace Owens is the black politician that Kanye joined to make the “Blexit” shirts for black people to leave Democratic party and join people like Trump.

And for all the pseudo-intellectual, surface-level of understanding minds that convinced themselves they were intelligent by saying “he’s kind of right”: Black people have have tried from the moment they were released from slavery, until this very moment. Every decade since freedom, black people have tried putting together communities, businesses, banks. They weren’t just systematically destroyed, “Black wall street” aside, black people created more than 10 communities that were torn apart with either bombs are direct removal, all the way up until the 90s. That’s without including the drugs brought into the communities that former government officials admitted to, and the targeted imprisonment that was also admitted to by government officials, for decades. The generation that was affected by it are currently parents in the 40s-70s+. Everytime they tried to create something new, it was destroyed, and they were systematically held down in their communities, unlike the other races and communities who didn’t go through the same things, and other communities that received direct reparations, that goes well into current communities. The idea that “black people are sensitive” and “don’t give back”,  “aren’t doing much”, is very surface level of understanding, and again, very pseudo-intellectual.

The black community has been beaten down into where they currently are, and every time they try to rise, they’ve been beaten down again, repetitively. To claim that black people “don’t do anything”, and that black people should look to the white people who are beating them down into where they currently are for help, is to be ignorant to how to very recent history that’s still directly playing an active part, and to a system has worked, and is currently working against the black community. Whoever makes that claim suggests that black people are inherently lazy/inherently don’t give back.

The basis Daniel Caesar had for saying black people are “Mean to white people”, wasn’t just in general, but from the basis of his white friend saying Black women don’t like her because she has fat ass and her skin ain’t black”, and going into talking about how the black community is without knowing any of the history/context behind it.

UPDATE: Daniel Caesar Responds to the Backlash he got for what he said about Black People

Updated: March 22, 2019 — 1:38 am

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