Cyn Santana spoke about how black men treat Spanish girls, such as herself, better compared to Black women.

Twitter brought back one of Cyn Santana’s podcasts after they realized something she said about Black men.

In the podcast she says she dates Black men because they treat Spanish Women better.

She stopped herself from saying what she was going to say next, by implying that Black women would get mad and take it personal if she kept going with what she had to say.

Twitter is currently dragging her on the TL, as she’s “Apologizing” trying act like that what she meant, or what she said wasn’t her intention.

In the podcast she speaks about specifically targeting men to date.

When you listen to the podcast, it’s clear that she was going to compare the way Black men treat black women, vs how they treat Spanish women, and the reason behind it.

Here’s the video,

As soon as her friend brings up Black women, she acknowledges that whatever she was about to say would offend Black Women, so she’s not ignorant to that. Everything else she’s currently saying is to defend herself.

Updated: January 9, 2019 — 8:52 pm

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