Betty Shelby left the police department in Tulsa Oklahoma after shooting an unarmed Black Man, Terence Crutcher, and being Acquitted of the charges.

Now she’s back. Yes, she’s back and working at a local Sheriff’s department. She also has her own class, where she started teaching the local police officers how to deal with the aftermath and all the mean people and insults, the people suing you, and unkindness after a “Controversial shooting”. In other words, teaching people “How she got through all the hate after killing an unarmed black man”.

She also created a website that stated “Participants will be exposed to many of the legal, financial, physical, and emotional challenges which may result from a critical incident in an effort to prepare (law enforcement officers) for the aftermath.”

Protesters have taken to the streets, and deemed this extremely disrespectful

A local facebook page called “Aware Tulsa”, that put together the protest in front of the courthouse had this to say in one of their facebook posts

“We believe the choice to have Betty Shelby lead a class on ‘how to survive the aftermath of a critical incident’ lacks empathy, is disrespectful to the Crutcher Family, and is intentionally divisive,”  “We are saddened that the Crutcher Family has not been given time to heal, and we want to continue to show our gratitude and respect for this wonderful family.”

Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton told KJRH-TV that this is good, because now officers can learn from Shelby, saying:

“She’s a survivor. It’s not about tactics. It’s not about when to shoot, when not to shoot. It’s about what she endured, what her family went through for the next eight months after her critical incident,”

Which is exactly the kind of thing Black People do not want to hear. The fact that the officer said this complete sentence thinking it was a good thing. She’s not teaching how not to make the mistake, what not to do, or how to better access the situation, she’s just teaching how to “survive” how people react to it afterward and the “emotional toll on her and her family”.

Shelby is now a patrol officer with the Rogers County Sheriff’s Office, teaching how she “Survived”.

This is the video of Terence Crutcher being shot. Warning, Graphic.

Updated: June 20, 2019 — 6:07 pm

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