A Black man was pulled over without being given a reason. The first cop later tells him to get facedown on the ground for speeding as he points a taser at him, a second cop pulls up to the scene, and without asking a single question, walks up to the black man and slams his head and neck to the car. The video is currently trending online.

A Black man in Mississippi was pulled over by Mississippi cops.

He was told to get out of the car after reaching for his wallet in his pocket.

The man’s partner got out of the vehicle and started recording everything the cop was doing.
The man wasn’t told the reason he was being arrested, so he refused to be put in handcuffs without being informed of the reason behind his arrest.

After the man asked the cop several times why he was being arrested, he finally answered saying “Speeding”. The cop pulled out a taser when the man refused to be put in handcuffs, and continuously told the man to get face down on the ground. The man said he wouldn’t comply, because getting facedown on the ground for speeding didn’t make any sense, because a speeding ticket is all he should’ve gotten, and the cop still hadn’t gotten his license yet and registration yet.

The cop called for backup, informing another cop that a black man wasn’t complying to his orders of getting faced down on the floor for speeding.

The second cop arrived to the scene, and without asking a single question nor missing beat, slammed the black man’s head on the back of the car.

Here’s the video:

The man, even after he’s out of the car, for several minutes continues to ask the cop for the reason he was being arrested, and the cop still doesn’t give a reason for several minutes.

People are arguing that the man rightfully didn’t comply with an unlawful arrest, and the cop didn’t tell him the reason he was being arrested in the first place when they told him to step out of the car, and for several minutes after. They’re also arguing that the reason for the “arrest” in itself was unlawful, and the man was told to get out of the car in the first place was because he reached for his wallet.

They also argue that the cop didn’t get the man’s license and registration first, and tried to put handcuffs without doing so.

Updated: February 4, 2020 — 10:08 am

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