El Chapo will be the main witness in the case against El Chapo.

Opening arguments that were expected to start this morning have been delayed, as two jurors had to be replaced.

One Juror brought a doctors note, telling the court she was too anxious to serve on the jury. And another witness brought up financials as an excuse, saying the one month long trial was going to take a toll on his finances.

After the delay, in the opening arguments, the Feds revealed their main witness against Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman Loera, was going to be,

“El Chapo himself.”

Assistant U.S. Attorney Adam Fels told jurors,

For 25 years he sent massive quantities of drugs [into the United States] and ran a vast narcotics empire, “El Chapo” — Mexican slang for “Shorty” — had “his own private army with assault weapons for his protection and he even had a diamond encrusted handgun with his initials and a gold plated AK-47. He controlled Sicarios [hitmen] and ordered them to kill, and sometimes he did the killings himself… He played a critical role in the supply chain… Soon he was using more tunnels, planes,trains, cars, fishing boats and even submarines….He escaped jail twice and his mystique grew. Soon he had a team of smugglers, killers, pilots [that] was known as the Sinaloa cartel dealing drugs to New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. He sent his killers to wipe out his rivals and he used sophisticated methods of communications including encrypted cell phones and apps, prosecutors said.

Fels continued to say that there will be many witnesses brought against El Chapo.

El Chapo’s lawyer Jeffrey Lichtman said the witness that the plaintiffs will bring against El Chapo are people that will make your skin crawl, saying

“Imagine a group of witnesses who have lied every day of their lives. They are killers, thieves, drug dealers. Why is the government using gutter human beings?”

Litchman continued to say,

Biggest drug dealer in the world! It’s false. It’s not true. Why is he public enemy #1? Because 25 years ago a Mexican cardinal was shot by mistake at an airport and Guzman was the intended target. The corrupt Mexican government needed a scapegoat. They framed him for murder and that was the beginning of the mythological status and his myth grew. He’s blamed for being the leader while the real leaders are living freely and openly in Mexico,

El Chapo will be the main witness against El Chapo. El Chapo will take the stand, and testify against El Chapo in El Chapo’s case. El Chapo will be allowed to deny to answer questions against El Chapo, as witnesses cannot be compelled to incriminate themselves. El Chapo will be allowed to tell El Chapo’s truth, about everything that happened in the El Chapo allegations.

Updated: October 18, 2019 — 2:41 am

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