A Colombian woman who lived in the convent for nearly 10 years and became a Nun has had enough.

Yudy Pineda who trained hard to become a Nun, lived in the convent for 8 years and became a Nun. She has now decided that dick was a key ingredient missing in her life, and decided to make a huge career change and enter the porn industry.

Yudy Pineda lived in the convent between the ages of 10 and 18 after nuns visited her school.

She was convinced the church was going to be the life for her, until she fell in love with one of her teachers, she then decided that the Nun life was not for her.

Pineda left the convent and started working at Nestle in Medellin for a little bit. She soon met a man who was recruiting for Webcam girls and joined him.

Yudy Pineda attended one casting session and got the job right then and there, and has continued her life in porn.

Pineda, in an interview with The Mirror, said that she loves her new job, she described it as “Decent and artistic”, saying there’s “Nothing bad” about it.

She said,

“At first I was feeling bad, but now I am fine with it. I also feel good when I go to church. I never miss Friday prayers, Saturday meetings or Sunday mass.”

She mentioned that she enjoyed masturbation and pornography even though she enjoyed her life in the convent. We hope you’ll give Yudy Pineda your full support. In fact, we’re headed over to pornhub right now to give our fullest suppor– wait, nvm it’s No-Nut-November. Almost had us there nice try Pineda, maybe next month.

Updated: June 20, 2019 — 5:55 pm

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